Full supervision of construction of your climbing park

Our full package includes:

  • Choosing a property
    First you will need to find a suitable site. We will gladly advise you!

  • Planning and designing your forest high ropes course
    Each high ropes course is unique because of the particular features of the respective site. This is why we attach great importance to individual on-site supervision. After getting to know the future operator’s requirements and the natural terrain, we draw up a basic concept and a statement of costs. The various possibilities with regard to safety systems are also discussed.

  • Assistance with required permit procedures
    In order to be allowed to build a climbing park, certain assessments and permits (e.g. with regard to forest and natural conservation, business premises permit, etc.) are necessary. We have the years of experience and the know-how to assist you in all procedures and answer any questions you may have. We provide potential customers with information, practical insight and all the necessary documents and application forms for the various permits.

  • Ordering and purchasing all the required materials
    Only local types of wood as well as weather- and UV-resistant steel and nylon ropes are used for our climbing parks. We have long-standing relationships with our suppliers. We would gladly order the initial equipment (harnesses, helmets, guide sets) for you, as we are granted very attractive prices owing to our good business relations and large order volumes.

  • Assessments of the trees used
    Each tree is examined and assessed by a qualified arborist, using various methods. Only trees approved by the arborist are then used for the elements of the climbing park.

  • Preparing the trees for mounting
    The trees are prepared for construction – taking all ecological aspects into account – and withered branches removed.

  • Construction of the climbing park including mounting of all necessary anchorings and all steel ropes on the trees
    All our parks surpass the EN 15567-1 norm. For the mounting of the platforms we make exclusive use of a special clamping technology we ourselves developed. This method does not hurt the trees in the least and the bark remains unharmed! The safety ropes are guided around the trees using a tree protection system and distance holders.

  • Compiling a manual
    Our manuals are compiled in accordance with EN 15567-2.

  • Inspection of the facility by an official civil engineer
    Before construction commences, an experienced civil engineer carries out calculations with regard to statics and civil engineering. 

  • Training
    Well-trained employees are the key to success and guarantee safety in your high ropes course. We would be happy to carry out an E3L (European institute for outdoor and experience-oriented learning) training course for your team in your high ropes course.

  • Inspection and maintenance
    Inspection and maintenance of high ropes courses must be performed annually. If you sign a maintenance contract with us, we will carry out this task for you.

  • Insurance
    We advise you on insurance matters pertaining to your high ropes course and also have a competent partner at hand.

  • Marketing
    We operate our reference facility in the Waldbad Anif climbing park ourselves. On request, we will gladly pass on our own experiences with regard to launching a successful climbing park (advertising, PR, target groups, price policy, staff requirements, etc.).