Forest high ropes course – High ropes course

A high ropes course or forest high ropes course is a sequence of artificial obstacles at a height of 3 to 15 metres between  

  • real tree trunks – forest high ropes course
  • or artificial tree trunks – high ropes course

At both the starting and end point of each obstacle is a platform from which the visitors can proceed to the next challenge. Depending on the particular level of difficulty, each challenge involves a combination of exercises such as suspension bridges, spider webs or rope slides. 

Ideally, a forest high ropes course consists of at least three routes with 8 to 12 challenges each. For children there are special courses with easier challenges at a lower height. 

All elements of a forest high ropes course are secured at the trunks using a special securing technique that does not damage the bark and leaves the natural forest intact.  

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