Flying fox and zip line course

The joy of being alive!

The new attraction for mountain lift operators who want their aerial lifts to be used to capacity in the summer months as well! The flying fox really gives you that feeling of aliveness, and it’s the sensation of gliding that makes it so successful. Visitors use the existing lift systems to ascend, and then glide over meadows and chasms, past waterfalls and forests on a steel rope.  

Flying fox parks are the modern version of canopy trails, which originally came from South America. This outdoor attraction, which is still in its infancy in Europe, involves gliding from tree to tree or between utility poles on 15- to 700-metre zip lines.

Flying fox courses are available in a variety of configurations. 

  • Perfectly coordinated variants with self-belay systems facilitate a high visitor frequency and give visitors the freedom to proceed at their own rate.  

  • Arrester systems make extreme inclines and distances up to 700 metres and therefore also great differences in altitude possible – the ultimate adrenaline kick.

  • Flying fox courses can be used both in the summer and in the winter and are a boon to your region. They can be operated independently or as part of an existing facility. 

When planning and building your flying fox course, we take the unique on-site features into consideration. We always keep the central aspects of safety and profitability in mind during the planning phase, and assess them thoroughly before construction commences. 

Click here to see a video of one of our recently completed projects:  Arena Skyliner Gerlosstein in Zell am Ziller


Flying Fox Skyliner Gerlosstein