Success factors

High ropes courses are all the rage in the tourism industry and guarantee visitors an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors! 

  • High ropes courses offer challenges for everyone: Children and adults, athletes and individualists, families and groups in an unspoiled, natural environment. High ropes courses offer a new approach to nature and enable visitors to rediscover their own natural essence in the depths of the woods, without having to buy any expensive equipment. For this reason we believe that more than 50% of the population are potential customers.
  • The easy-to-use self-belay system facilitates high visitor numbers, so that even large groups can participate without advance booking.

  • The high visitor frequency and low staff requirements make it possible to charge moderate admission fees. The investment in a high ropes course pays off in three years on average.

  • Ropes courses give people the opportunity to test their limits and strengthen their self-confidence. They are a great pedagogical teaching aid (experiential education) for schools as well as for team development processes in businesses! And by incorporating special routes for teams or for the disabled, these target groups can also be catered for.

  • High ropes courses can be operated throughout the year, as far as the climate and weather conditions allow. They are the ideal addition to winter sports activities as well as an attraction in the summer tourist season.

  • And last but not least, a forest high ropes course also creates new jobs.

Waldhochseilgarten mit Plattformen und Seilrutschen